A Week in Haiti

by Fred and Sandy Muffet, CCS/Mission USA

After months of planning and praying, our trip was postponed a day due to the snowstorm in New England. But early on February 10, 27 teammates met at the airport to start our journey to Grand Goave, Haiti. We had 40 pieces of luggage containing personal items, medications, tools and supplies for the week.

Upon arrival Sunday night at Mission of Hope International, the team settled in and began preparing for the week ahead. Our team was diverse: a mechanic, handymen and laborers, nurse practitioners, RNs, medical assistant, dietician, physical therapist, disability specialists and those in children’s ministry. Even though we all had certain “skills,” we were ready to do whatever God wanted us to do.

The week was beyond our imagination. At least two people that we know of accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. We prayed. We danced. The medical team treated over 325 patients with ailments ranging from infected shingles to a little boy who had third degree burns on his arm and everything in between. The construction team worked with Haitian men pouring concrete floors in classrooms, building shelves, hooking up equipment and making screen doors. The disability team gave out wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches to those in need while sharing the gospel and handing out New Testaments in Creole language. We held a meeting with the Handicap Association and visisted the local hospital; a workshop took place with local pastors to help them relate to the disabled in their congregations. God’s Word and testimonies were shared throughout the week. Feet were washed. Some women painted and taught the children crafts and Bible lessons. Rice and beans were purchased and the team went into an “untouchable-type” village to distribute them while playing with the kids, sharing the gospel, treating patients and praying. Vehicles were maintained.

Midway through the week, five teammates separated off to visit a small orphanage in the mountains so they could purchase goats and chickens, deliver dolls from The Giving Doll Ministry, build school benches and a tire swing and just take a couple days to love on the 18 children there.

We were amazed at the team’s encouragement to one another, lifting each other up hour by hour. They blended well, shared their knowledge, prayed for each other and shared the love of Christ in ways that brought us to tears.

And, oh yes. The Bus was awesome. Each day we piled ourselves and supplies in for a day of ministry and were driven to each location together.

We thank all who prayed, gave and supported the team and the mission. Our special friends in Haiti will always remain in our hearts and we will continue to pray for them. We serve an awesome God who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!