Quilts Made With Love

Cords of Thread and Piecemakers quilting groups were formed approximately 10 years ago. There are about 22 people involved in the two groups. Over the years many quilts have been sent overseas to China, Ecuador, Haiti, Brazil, Africa, Romania, and many more. Our local donations have gone to Children’s Hospital, Giving Doll ministry, Wounded veterans, Harvest House, Hartville migrant workers, a special needs class, and Kindergartners at Mason, Glover, and Leggett schools.  

We meet on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays in the Fellowship Hall (Akron) from 3:00-8:30pm or the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in Room 260 (Green) from 9:30-11:30am. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. Our fabric and batting have come from many donations throughout the years and the Lord has met our every need. 


We have furnished approximately 1,500 regular-sized quilts and 2,000 Giving-Doll-sized quilts. Our quilts are sent with various missionaries so that we don’t have shipping expenses. The joy we see on children’s faces when they receive their quilts make every minute we spend on making the quilts worthwhile. Each quilt is prayed over and our hope is that it will meet the needs of all those who receive them. 

The entire quilt does not have to be one person’s responsibility.  Ironing, sewing, pinning, binding, and quilting are all stages of putting the quilt together. It is our combined efforts that makes each quilt special. Our contacts are Linda Hoff at 330.633.2077 or lhoff@neo.rr.com or Joan Peck at 330.699.0738 or ron12235@sbcglobal.net.

Spring Break Service

by Jadon and Jaycie Wolf

Akron Campus High School students spent their spring break serving the local community.

Recently, we went on the spring break service project. We feel closer to God when we go out and do missions, and this was a great opportunity to do so.

On the first day, we got to go to Urban Vision. We helped clean and organize various rooms of the building (including the restrooms–ick!) and then played dodge ball and other games with the children in the gym. Jaycie doesn’t like dodge ball, so she joined the girls who were braiding hair. We had a lot of fun!

That night, we went lunar bowling. It was a nice time to get to know the group better, to hang out and have fun. We tried a bunch of crazy things, like bowling off-handedly and granny style. We stayed out until around midnight, then went back to the church for a good night’s sleep.

The next day, we went to South Street Ministry and helped at The Front Porch Café. Jaycie and I ordered the sweet potato pancakes which were very tasty. Afterward, we removed clutter from the second floor and basement of the building to prepare for an inspection. We had to wear dust masks and working gloves due to the dust and insulation.

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A Weekly Oasis

by Tamara Hamman

Walking into Divorce Recovery for the very first time, I felt like I had a large “L” for Loser on my forehead.  God would never be able to use me again. My marriage was not supposed to end this way. We were both Christians. We grew up in church together. He attended Bible College. We led the junior high youth group on Sunday nights. We were certain that we were going to show the world what a Christian marriage really looked like.

As I continued to attend Divorce Recovery, I began to heal and work through my pain. The facilitators understood what I was going through and wanted to help. Mostly, they listened. Divorce Recovery became a weekly oasis where I learned to forgive, build healthy friendships, and grow. As I continued to heal, Divorce Recovery taught me to reach out to others and walk alongside of them through their difficult times. Divorce Recovery taught me that although I was like cracked pottery, God could use me by pouring out His love through those very same cracks.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not ourselves (II Corinthians 4:7).

Our next Divorce Recovery Workshop begins Thursday, April 10. Click HERE  for info.

A New Sister in Christ


Michelle was recently baptized at The Gathering. She accepted Christ in January and it’s a beautiful story of how God uses many people, ministries, and circumstances to draw someone into His arms. Let this be an encouragement to work hard and keep doing what God has called each of us to do! Click on the link to see how her story unfolded.   


Teaching ESL

by Myra Schneider

I have the great privilege of being a part of The Chapel’s Internationals English classes teaching team. Did you know that the Lord is bringing the world to us through undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars and business people? Many are from countries where they don’t have freedom to discuss Jesus Christ.

I began three years ago assisting with the evening class. It is a highlight of my week. It has stretched me to understand English (my own language) from a learner’s perspective.  At first, I was a little intimidated by these brilliant scholars. I’ve learned to relax, realizing I don’t have to be a “scholar” to help them.

I try to choose interesting topics with discussion exercises. It usually leads to learning about life and customs in their home countries. There are no tests or grades, so the mood is lighthearted! During the class I share a Bible verse, planting seeds of the gospel. Sometimes they ask questions which show they are really trying to grasp the meaning. We also take opportunities to share the Christian worldview of holidays like we did recently with Valentine’s Day.

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