Summer Bible Study

by Pastor Greg Grimwood

“Is not my word like fire…”  Jeremiah 23:29

Imagine a teenager who has learned how to take the raw materials of Bible chapter and verse, and gather them into a pile of kindling. Imagine the Spirit of God breathing life, fire, into that kindling.

Now imagine the potential of sending one teenager at a time into the world with the Word of God, like embers, hot and glowing in his heart.

My favorite student ministry program is our summer Bible study series. It started two summers ago with “Tuesday Tacos & 2 Timothy.” This summer it was “Games, Grilling & Galatians.”

We believe that God’s authority and power are exercised and expressed most clearly through His Word.  And so, the goal of our summer Bible study is to teach teenagers how to discover and wield the authority of God’s Word for themselves.

We don’t teach the passage, we teach students how to study the passage for themselves. They, in turn, teach each other through discussion.

It’s beautiful.

At the heart of our Family Ministry are a few simple goals. One such goal is to help kids and students have a “thick interpretation” of Scripture (a tip of the hat to Zac Derr).

As a Family Ministry, we are being more and more intentional and tenacious in guarding our kids and students from the clutter of unnecessary programming, in order to laser in on that very important goal.

We believe it will be worth it in the long run.  And we welcome your prayers to that end. 

Fasten Your Seat Belts:
Family Ministry, Green Campus

by Pastor Happy Peterson

We are coming off of one of the best summers of ministry we have had at The Chapel, at least since I have been here. If you step into the children’s ministry, you run the fair chance of being stampeded by all the little ones we now see each week. There are so many new, young families that it brings joy to my heart and grey to my hair.  

A lot of that newness can be attributed to things like VBS. I heard a story this week of a little girl who insisted she be allowed to wear her VBS shirt to school on the first day. I know personally that my kids, even my 3-year-old, won’t stop singing the VBS songs (oh please, just give me a ten-minute break). One mom brought a friend’s daughter who wanted to come back on Sundays. Each evening of VBS that child met with truth that was specific to what had happened in her life that week. Another leader had the opportunity to lead her neighbor’s daughter to Christ during VBS. There is little doubt that some wonderful impact was made in many lives that week.

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More Than a Race

by Pastor Dale Saylor

We live in a highly competitive world. Whether it is in business, professional, interscholastic, collegiate, or recreational sports, church, or even at the family dinner table, competition seems to rule our lives.

Competition is not the real story behind the Labor of Love Run. On Monday, September 1 (Labor Day) hundreds upon hundreds of folks gathered at the corner of Buchtel and Spicer to run or walk in a show of support for pro-life initiatives in our area. Pregnancy Support Center and ICU Mobile were the recipients of the proceeds of our race.

Many families used this morning to not only meet with friends and have fun, but develop relationships with the many people that attended with the sole purpose of running a race. PSC and ICU had mobile units available to tour and staff to share the message of their purpose and educate people of their mission.

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Celebration and Anticipation:
Family Ministry, Akron Campus

by Tom Sullivan, Ministry Director


Ever been located in a position where you can see things clearly? Like sitting in the front row where you’re up close and personal, experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells in an intimate way at an event you’re attending. Or sitting in the upper deck where your view is so widened that you see the whole picture from a larger perspective, not missing any of the action. This summer, God has kindly allowed me to see His truth and grace from two different seats—and oh man, what a view!!

Summer XP kicked into high gear after our VBS in June. I had a chance to witness the beauty of six families connecting with people from their neighborhood and start or rekindle relationships. Akron neighborhoods got a glimpse of God’s character by getting a close-up look at the people who follow Him. Conversations were authentic with parents, while kids had an absolute blast in their own neighborhood while hearing the truth of God.

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How Did You Spend Your Summer?

by Lauren Brown


Our team had the incredible privilege of spending six whole weeks investing into the lives of about 50 middle school and high school refugees who live in the North  Hill neighborhood. We saw God move in amazing ways, especially as He restored broken friendships between the Burmese, Karen, and Nepali kids. These children were born into refugee camps on the other side of the world, and now, as our neighbors, we have the privilege of reaching out to them. One of our older girls said to me one day, “Do you know how in the Bible, God always promised the Israelites that He would take them to a good land flowing with milk and honey? Well, America is that land for me, and I am so thankful that God has brought me here.” Again and again, God created space for our team to have numerous spiritual conversations with children who come from many different faith backgrounds.

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