Global Ministries

The Chapel is rooted in the belief that Christ called us not only to believe, but to go and tell our story to others—even if the “others” live halfway around the globe.

We want to share what Christ has done in our lives with every nation and people group, and we support a large family of missionaries in dozens of countries around the world who are working to see this happen. In fact, more than one-quarter of our annual budget is directed to overseas missions. 

Unreached People Groups

We are most focused on reaching unreached people groups. Although all people are equally lost, not all people are equally unreached. Those living in unreached areas of the world have little or no opportunity to find the good news.

Our highest priority, then, should be the nearly two billion people of the world who have never had anyone share the gospel with them.

Brochures for Downloading

Fresh Passion: Mozambique and India

Besides prioritizing unreached people groups, we are currently making extra-special efforts in two specific areas as part of a project called Fresh Passion.

Fresh Passion includes our work with the “untouchable” Dalit people of India and the AIDS-stricken country of Mozambique, Africa.