Sunday Electives

We offer great classes on various topics for men and women at both campuses.

Foundations of Faith 

2014 Dates, Sundays
September 7 – October 5
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Fellowship Hall (Akron)
Room 124 (Green)
Room 209 (Wadsworth)


2015 Dates, Sundays
February 8 – March 8
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Take part in this engaging and dynamic class
that examines the very infrastructure of the Christian faith.

Delve deep into Scripture as you absorb facets of the life and teachings of Jesus, the tenets of salvation, the role of the Holy Spirit in your life, and other fundamentals of the Christ-follower’s walk.

Foundations of Faith is a pre-requisite to membership at The Chapel. This is a Chapel U class, click here or on the image for more classes and info.

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Session One NotesSession Two NotesSession Three NotesSession Four Notes


Contact April at 330.315.5914.