What does membership mean?

Becoming a member is a formal way to express your commitment to The Chapel. We worship God as a Christ-centered community, engaged in His mission. In 1 Corinthians 12, God likens individual believers in Jesus to distinctive parts that together comprise one body. This is an excellent picture of church membership. Every single follower of Jesus the world over is part of the “universal” body of Christ. Becoming a member of The Chapel is a local expression of this same principle. Together we form a local body and covenant together to grow in Christ through worship, community and mission.

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Easy steps to becoming a Chapel member

  • Attend four Foundations of Faith classes.

  • Sundays, Sept 7 – Oct 5, 2014 -OR- Feb 8 – Mar 8, 2015, 9:00am, all campuses

  • Membership interview.

  • Attend membership class.

Enjoy a meal together with other new members and hear teaching from our campus pastors.
All classes take place at Green Campus, East End.

Class times will be announced at a later date. Thanks!

Contact Chris at 330.315.5530.

Who are these smiling people? They are The Chapel’s newest members. 


Kristen HeckmanKathi FerrisBethany Bercheck
Steve HeckmanIrvin Flaitz IIIMary Beth Sibert
Jason ClemensSharon FlaitzRussell Sibert
Tessa ClemensEdna KatherRobert Ciptak
Kris FrenchAmy BrodeckyGloria Ciptak
Jose VelasquezJustin LambertBryan Granger
Nichole VelasquezSally ColeJen Granger
Kelley ZajaczkowskiDave ColeDavid Warner
Wally ZajaczkowskiKim DuzykStephanie Warner
Nicole JacobsLori MohlerMike Atkins
Margaret StarcherDavid KillianHeather Atkins
Keith StarcherKathy KillianTony Donofrio
Dorothy PopeHerbert PorterJodi Donofrio
Adam SchochMiranda Porter