What does membership mean?

Becoming a member is a formal way to express your commitment to The Chapel. In 1 Corinthians 12, God likens individual believers in Jesus to distinctive parts that together comprise one body. This is an excellent picture of church membership. Every single follower of Jesus the world over is part of the “universal” body of Christ. Becoming a member of The Chapel is a local expression of this same principle.

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Membership classes for Akron Campus: April 19 and 26 in Fellowship Hall. Click HERE to register. Contact Chris at 330.315.5530.

Beginning Feb 8th at 9am in Room 209 the Wadsworth Campus will host a 4-week Foundations of Faith class. This dynamic 4-week class examines the infrastructure of the Christian faith and will be followed up by an opportunity for membership on March 8thContact Anita in the office for more information or to register (330.315.5421).

Please check back for class dates for Green!