Peacemaking Ministry  

 Resolving Everyday Conflict






 Sundays, Sept 7 – Oct 26

 10:40am, Fellowship Hall, Akron

 Cost: $10

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It’s Unavoidable

Conflict is the unwanted guest in homes, workplaces, and well, basically anywhere people interact. While it is inevitable that conflict will arise, we should not ignore or avoid it, but rather encounter it head-on with biblical tools to aim for peaceful resolution.

The Chapel is a strong proponent of conflict resolution and has partnered with Peacemaker Ministries to help achieve this goal.

Facing Conflict Biblically

There are four key components of becoming a peacemaker.
The 4 Gs of Peacemaking – from The Peacemaker by Ken Sande

  • Glorify God –Ask yourself, “How can I glorify God in this situation?”
  • Get the Log Out of Your Eye—Ask yourself, “How have I contributed to this conflict?”
  • Gently Restore—Ask yourself, “How can I breathe grace in this conflict?”
  • Go and Be Reconciled—Ask yourself, “How does Christ want me to forgive in this situation?”

If you’re interested in learning more of the peacemaking principles please contact our ministry manager Gene Nofsinger.

Conflict Coaching

A conflict coach will walk alongside to help you process the conflict biblically. This is a great step before counseling. Assignment of a conflict coach involves coaching one party in biblical peacemaking principles. Get connected with a coach. 

Fill out the form below if you would like a conflict coach to help with resolution.