Divorce Recovery Workshop

Help, Hope, and Healing after Divorce

Divorce can destroy our lives. For a while, it feels like recovery will never come. Divorce Recovery Workshop is designed to build hope and a new direction for life.

Is There Life After Divorce?

We believe that not only is survival possible, but there is also a unique opportunity for personal growth. Discover how it is possible to not just go through your divorce, but to actually grow through it, too.

Workshop Topics

  • What’s Happening to Me? (the stages of recovery)
  • How Can I Handle All These Emotions? (what to do with anger, fear, and depression)
  • Does Singleness Mean Loneliness? (starting over again single)
  • How Do I Let Go? (getting my ex in focus and rebuilding my self-esteem)
  • How Can I Put the Past Behind Me? (the key to my recovery)
  • How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Ever Go Through This Again? (rebuilding healthy relationships)

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This workshop is exclusively for those who are divorced or are in the process of divorce. Divorce Recovery Workshop is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling.