Men’s Ministry


The Chapel’s M2M mission is: “To equip men to build authentic relationships with Jesus Christ, love and lead their families, serve the Body of Christ, and to be effective witnesses in their world.”

Life is filled with battles that no man can win on his own. Men need friends, teammates, and fellow soldiers. We urge men to be authentic, intentional, united, and focused! We encourage guys to use The Arena, Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC), and small-group Bible studies as tools to carry out this task.

The Arena

The Arena is our gateway for Ministry2Men. It is committed to moving men of The Chapel along the path of biblical maturity. We want men to be purposeful brothers, loving husbands, and nurturing fathers.arena

It helps men inspire their church, influence their homes and make an impact where they are positioned. We use small-group discussion on masculinity and the Bible to inspire, equip, and empower men to passionately follow Jesus Christ.


Christian Leadership Concepts


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Are you connected with men that are gutsy enough to go beyond the surface and offer encouragement regarding issues of knowing God, personal character, marriage, and family? Do you have friends who are willing to work with you on the things that really matter? Are you man enough to listen?

Christian Leadership Concepts is a national program that equips men to lead for Christ in their homes, church, community, and the marketplace. Throughout the United States there are thousands of men from over forty cities that have completed this unique program. CLC helps men grow deeper in their faith while developing long lasting friendships with other men.

We have many men, ranging in age from 20 to over 65 that are involved in CLC groups at all campuses of The Chapel. CLC helps men that are interested in taking their faith to a new level while developing long lasting “band of brother” relationships with other guys.

For additional information: Contact Rhonda at 330.315.5909 or check the CLC website.

Current Studies


  • Wednesdays, September 10 – November 19.
  • Mornings:  6:30-7:30am, Fellowship Hall.
  • The Great Omission by Dallas Willard


  • Wednesdays, January-April 2015.
  • Mornings:  6:30-7:30am, Conference room. 
  • Evenings, 6:30-8:00pm, Room 123. 

Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli

For folks who just feel frustrated with the obstacles in their lives that seem to keep them from a deeper faith. This book will be a true eye-opener to one’s spiritual development and may make one uncomfortable and a little unsettled at times. Our examination of this work will draw us closer to God and better equip us to walk alongside others on the journey.


  • Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You by Tony Evans
  • Tuesdays, beginning February 10th.  
  • 6:30 – 7:30am, Wadsworth McDonald’s.
  • Contact Tom at or 330.620.3610.
  • Ongoing study through the New Testament
  • Thursdays, beginning September 4
  • 7:00 – 8:30pm, Room 207
  • Join in anytime
  • Contact Ray at

The Journey



The Journey is our Men’s Ministry quarterly email newsletter designed to provide words of encouragement for men on the move. Each issue will feature an article by Pastor Dale Saylor, a book or web review, and a feedback/comment section. Click on the image to sign up.


Recommended Reading

Fathered by God John Eldredge
What God Does When Men Lead Bill Peel
How to Hit a Curve Ball, Grill the Perfect Steak, and Become a Real Man Stephen James & David Thomas
In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day Mark Batterson
The Samson Syndrome Mark Atteberry
Twelve Ordinary Men John MacArthur
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 W. Phillip Keller


Contact Rhonda, 330.315.5909.